Social Policy Researcher and Consultant

Martin Evans is a well respected figure in his field with a longstanding and international track record in research and consultancy on Social Policy.

His extensive résumé spans two decades of understanding social problem causes, then framing and evaluating the programmes that respond to them.

This online profile aims to provide commissioners, funders and those studying Social Policy with further information about Martin, along with links to his publications record and featured news on latest projects he’s working on.

Martin's credentials

Featured Publications

New global estimates of child poverty and their sensitivity to alternative equivalence scales.

with David Newhouse and Pablo Suárez Becerra

New York: UNICEF, World Bank (funders)

New Estimates of Extreme Poverty for Children

with David Newhouse and Pablo Suárez Becerra

New York: UNICEF, World Bank (funders)


“Martin has undertaken several high-quality research projects for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation over the past decade. These have included the development of a novel method of assessing the impacts of tax and benefit policy over ‘model lifetimes’, a key contribution to our programme on child poverty about parents who cannot work and most recently an international review of the research on sanctions and conditionality in the benefit system.

Martin not only brings high standards of rigour to his projects but also works with us, other researchers and policy makers to make sure the findings have as much impact as possible.”

- Chris Goulden
Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Authored Work

A Generation of Change, a Lifetime of Difference: Social Policy in Britain since 1979.

Evans M and Williams L

“a truly original perspective demonstrating how social policy and taxation have profound effects on all of us at different points during our lives”

- Professor Jochen Clasen
Edinburgh University