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Martin has contributed extensively to discussion papers, journal articles, is published and he’s reported widely on key social policy issues.

This publications archive allows you to search and explore the diverse topics of applied research and policy advice that Martin has been involved in over the past two decades.

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Multi-dimensional Poverty Indices for Children from Household Surveys: Lessons and Ways Forward With Akmal Abdurazakov and Attila Hancioglu.

Sheffield, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research - 2017

Informal Transfers in Comparisons of Monetary Welfare and Its Distribution With Yixia Cai.

New York, USA - 2017

New global estimates of child poverty and their sensitivity to alternative equivalence scales. With David Newhouse and Pablo Suárez Becerra.

New York: UNICEF, World Bank (funders) - 2017

New Estimates of Extreme Poverty for Children With David Newhouse and Pablo Suárez Becerra.

New York: UNICEF, World Bank (funders) - 2017

Elderly People in Vietnam: Social Protection, Informal Support and Poverty’ With Susan Harkness.

Benefits vol 16 no 3, pp 245-53 - 2008

Social Protection in Vietnam and Obstacles to Progressivity’ With Susan Harkness.

Asian Social Work and Policy Review, vol.2 pp30–52 - 2008

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Authored Work

A Generation of Change, a Lifetime of Difference: Social Policy in Britain since 1979.

Evans M and Williams L

“a truly original perspective demonstrating how social policy and taxation have profound effects on all of us at different points during our lives”

- Professor Jochen Clasen
Edinburgh University