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Martin has contributed extensively to discussion papers, journal articles, is published and he’s reported widely on key social policy issues.

This publications archive allows you to search and explore the diverse topics of applied research and policy advice that Martin has been involved in over the past two decades.

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Where does Public Expenditure Go? Report of a Pilot Study to Analyse the Flows of Public Expenditure into Local Areas With Julia Atkins and Glen Bramley.

London: Department for Environment, Transport and Regions, London - 1998

Recasting Safety Nets: Reforming Social Assistance in Germany, Ireland and United Kingdom With Cahal O'Donoghue.

DAE working paper, Cambridge, Microsimulation Unit, Department of Applied Economics, Cambridge University - 1998

Means Testing Flaws

New Economy Vol 4, (2) pp 89-94 - 1997

Behind The Rhetoric: The Institutional basis of Social Exclusion

IDS Bulletin, v.29, No1, January, pp 42-49 - 1997

Minimum Pensions and Safety Nets in Old Age: A Comparative Analysis With Jane Falkingham.

Welfare State Discussion paper No 131, London: STICERD, London School of Economics. - 1997

Fairer or Fowler? The Effects of the 1986 Social Security Act on Family Incomes

J. Hills (ed), New Inequalities, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. - 1996

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Authored Work

A Generation of Change, a Lifetime of Difference: Social Policy in Britain since 1979.

Evans M and Williams L

“a truly original perspective demonstrating how social policy and taxation have profound effects on all of us at different points during our lives”

- Professor Jochen Clasen
Edinburgh University